Bouncy Hector Davie, the house rabbit of Hampton

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Hector loves to bounce!

‘I am Hector and I live in the house

on the other side of the hedge.’  

The wild rabbits looked amazed and murmured,

‘Ooooooo, you live in a house with humans?’

Hector goes wild! Jo Rutherford

Hector goes wild book cover

Hector Goes Wild or How Hector the House Rabbit introduced the Three Secrets of Success to the Wild Rabbits of Hampton Court   

Hector goes wild! Jo Rutherford

Nannie's burrow in Hampton Court Warren
Nannie of Hampton Court Warren

Hector was very impressed.
“This burrow is a hospital, isn’t it” he said.  “I know humans wear a cross on their chest when they look after the sick. Is that why you have one?”
“Yes, my dear,” replied Nannie, “this is a hospital.”

Hector goes wild! Jo Rutherford

the wild rabbits of Hampton Court Warren

Cromwell and Oliver have an appointment with Nannie
“Ooo, that must be painful,” said Nannie, as she applied a peppermint paste to cool the gum, and quick as a blink, she tweaked out the vicious thorn.
“When you get back to your burrow, smooth this soothing sap onto your sore gum, and you will soon be able to eat. A little nibble of wild garlic flower is good for healing too, so please eat some with your next meal.”

hector goes wild

I’ve had the best idea,” he told his friends. ”When my tunnel is dug, you can all come over to my house, to watch MY television.”


Well, can you imagine how happy the Coneys felt? They leapt and bounced about like absolute loons.

Hector goes wild! Jo Rutherford


It was the fox!  He was hungry too.  And Hector was on the menu.

Hector goes wild! Jo Rutherford

Hector goes wild at Hampton Court

Hector the house rabbit says always tell a grown up if you have a problem
Diana, goddess of the moon and the wild at Hampton Court
The golden fountain of Diana the goddess of the moon and wild creatures at Hampton Court

Across the Park moonlight danced and glinted on a golden statue above a silvery pond.
“That is the Fountain of Diana,” whispered Tom, “the Goddess and Protector of the Moon and the Creatures of the Wild.  All the statues in Hampton Court are magical.   And they do say that when an animal is in danger Diana’s statue comes to life, and darts like a streak of lightning through the trees, to raise the alarm.”

Hector's Midsummer Madness Jo Rutherford 2010

Hector goes wild!
Hector introduces The Three Secrets of Success to stop bullying
Hector the house rabbit recites the 3 secrets of success
The King’s Beasts are the ten statues guarding the gateway bridge at the Palace.  They are the family emblems of the King, Henry VIII, and of the family of his new wife, Jane Seymour.  The Beasts are the King’s crowned Lion, the Royal dragon, the Tudor dragon, the Richmond greyhound, the Mortimer lion, the Beaufort yale, the Clarence black bull, the Mortimer panther, the Seymour panther, and the Seymour unicorn.