Hector goes wild
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The Coneys of Hampton Court Warren
All drawings by Georgie Hampton


Harry the sports fanTom the stargazer

Georgie the artist


‘So much to learn,’ exclaimed Hector, ‘but when do we eat, I am starved!’


'Coneys like to shout Hooray! They’re always having fun.

Hooray, hooray its time to eat! Hop to it everyone!'


‘Hooray, hooray, its time to eat!’ echoed the other rabbits and everyone settled down

to munch the grass.





“Nannie,” he began, “why don”t wild rabbits learn the Three Secrets of Success?

“I have never heard of those,” she replied, “what are they?”

Hector recited the Three Secrets for Nannie:


“Number one, always be kind and polite,
Number two, always join in with your new people, and,
Number three, always speak to a grown-up animal if you have a problem.”


Then he told her about Bertie and the Bully.

Hector's Pine Cone Club Badges

All art by Georgie Hampton, a trainee artist at Hampton Court Warren

Bouncing Hector Davie


All drawings by Georgie Hampton


The Moon and stars


Queen Bessie

PineconeThe Moon and stars

Queen Bessie

After dinner, Tom took Hector stargazing.  
They stretched out in the mouth of the tunnel and looked up at the great moon and the twinkling stars in the big, black blanket of the sky.  
“I never knew it was so beautiful,” gasped Hector.  “Look at the Moon, it has a face!  Coooool!”

Lord Guy and the fabulous belt of Hampton

Lord of the Warren

 Frances the knitted hedgehog




A most important looking rabbit caught Hector’s eye.  He was wearing a red velvet belt studded with glittering diamonds.

“Who is that?” Hector whispered to Nannie.  
“That is Sir Guy de Hampton”, she replied, “the Lord of the Warren.  Look, around his waist is the Fabulous Belt of Hampton.  Isn’t it wonderful?”
Hector could see the Belt of Hampton was only an old jewelled cat collar, but he remembered his manners and agreed.  “Oh yes, wonderful!” he nodded.

When they passed each other on the sports field, Hector gave a low bow to Sir Guy and said, “I want to thank you for my tunnel.”  
Sir Guy bowed low in return, “It is my duty and a pleasure to care for all rabbits,” replied the Lord.

ChoirHampton Warren Choir

The stargazing badgeConey star-gazing badgeNanny wall artNanny's self portrait

Across the park the moonbeams sparkled on the golden statue on top of a fountain in a silver pond.
“That is the Fountain of Diana, Goddess of The Wild,” said Tom.  “They do say that when an animal is in danger the statue comes to life and darts like lightening across the Park, and they also say that Nannie meets and speaks with Diana.   
“Ooooooo!” cooed Hector, suddenly remembering the lightening flash he saw when he was lost.
But watch out,” warned Tom.  “When the moon is full it lights the night, so stay out of sight or Foxy will spot you in a flash!”
A sudden breeze ruffled their fur and Hector felt a cold shiver run down his spine.


Little Black BeeLittle Black BeeThe Park Warden's dogThe Park Keeper's Dog

On her way back to the warren Nannie stopped, lifted her face up to the sky and sent out a signal.
“Buzz, buzz, buzz”, she called - and over the mound came a little black dot, growing larger and larger, though not much: it was the little bee.  
“I have a very important mission for you, said Nannie, “if you take it you will help a very unhappy young rabbit.”
“Black Bee ready for action”, saluted the bee, “tell me what I must do.”

The Lord and Lady of Hampton Court Warren
The Lord and Lady of Hampton Court Warren
The magical creatures of Hampton Court by Georgie Hampton
The magical beasts of Hampton Court Palace
The King’s Beasts are the ten statues guarding the gateway bridge at the Palace.  They are the family emblems of the King, Henry VIII, and of the family of his new wife, Jane Seymour.  The Beasts are the King’s crowned Lion, the Royal dragon, the Tudor dragon, the Richmond greyhound, the Mortimer Lion, the Beaufort yale, the Clarence black bull, the Mortimer panther, the Seymour panther, and the Seymour unicorn.
William Shakespeare at Hampton Court to see the parade of the magical beasts
William Shakespeare at Hampton Court to see the parade of the magical beasts
Humphrey the Lord of the Hampton Deer and Head of the Herd
Humphrey the Lord of the Hampton Deer and Head of the Herd
the magical statue of Diana at Hampton Court

Suddenly the statue dissolved into a sparkling ball of golden light and shot like lightning through the trees and across the park to raise the alarm; a wild creature needed help

Hector's Midsummer Madness


All art by Georgie Hampton