Magical Hampton Court and Hector's Midsummer Madness
Hector's Midsummer Madness at Magical Hampton Court

 as depicted by Georgie Hampton, a trainee artist at Hampton Court Warren


Across the Park moonlight danced and glinted on a golden statue above a silvery pond.
“That is the Fountain of Diana,” whispered Tom, “the Goddess and Protector of the Moon and the Creatures of the Wild.  All the statues in Hampton Court are magical.   And they do say that when an animal is in danger Diana’s statue comes to life, and darts like a streak of lightning through the trees, to raise the alarm.”

myth and magic at Hampton Court

And they also say that Shakespeare came to Hampton Court on Midsummer’s Eve to see the magical statues come to life, but because the event is a very private affair, he missed the magic, and so instead wrote Midsummer Night’s Dream." 

Hector Goes Wild and Hector's Midsummer Madness    Jo Rutherford 2010

The magical parade of mythical statues at Hampton Court

Did Shakespeare visit Hampton Court on Midsummer's Eve?
The King's Beasts, the magical creatures of Hampton Court Palace

The Crowned Lion of England

The Tudor Dragon

The King’s Crowned LionThe Royal Dragon
The Seymour UnicornThe Richmond Greyhound
The Seymour UnicornThe Richmond Greyhound
The Seymour PantherThe Beaufort Yale
The Mortimer PantherThe Beaufort Yale
The Royal DragonBlack Bull of Clarence
The Tudor DragonThe Clarence Black Bull
The Mortimer PantherMortimer Lion
The Seymour PantherThe Mortimer Lion
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